About Us

Giligan's Restaurant

You wouldn’t want to miss out the chance to eat delicious, tasty and really affordable food in this trendy restaurant that serves all-time favorite and mouth-watering dishes like sizzling sisig, fried garlic chicken and many more. If you’re dining in a groups, make sure you take advantage of their “Groupies (Family Meals)” that offers a lot of goodies with a lot of savings!


Giligan’s Island Restaurant & Bar was established in January of 1997. The name Giligan’s was derived from their father’s name “Guillermo or Guilly for short” combined with the old TV series Gilligan’s Island.

Before Giligan’s was formed, the owner’s family was very busy servicing bulk food orders and offering catering services. It was all their delighted customers that convinced them to put up a restaurant where anybody can enjoy their unique quality of food whenever they want to. Soon they registered with SEC the Alquiros Food Corporation to operate and manage their business.

The restaurant’s first venture on Blue Ridge, Quezon City along Katipunan Avenue was very successful. It paved the way to open their next branches. Today, Giligan’s Restaurant is operating with more than 100+ branches nationwide and continue expanding.

As a Theme Restaurant

Giligan’s greatly invest on their interior design & decoration following a marineinspired theme. Most artwork is actually hand-picked and collections from travels abroad and some are collection of antiques. Ropes overhead slinged across the ceiling, authentic ship’s wheel by the entrance & old lanterns by the bar, antique maps framed and displayed by the wall together with miniature sailing ships, lighthouses, pirates & captains, and antique old ships, as well as encased nautical navigational instruments. It’s almost like you’re in a marine/nautical museum when you are at Giligan’s. Truly unique & interesting!

Gilligan’s pride themselves in providing good food that is reasonably priced with an outstanding quality in mind to please every discerning patron. Matched with good service, the food alone is a must to try! It’s a family oriented restaurant that turns into a chill out place late at night. With more than 100+ branches just ready to serve you. That’s a lot of places you can easily find them in…so come embark on a voyage aboard the Giligan’s restaurant.